Blooming Branches

Kites are flying high on the mall.
The rotunda grows even more rotund
as branches around it begin their budding.
Legislative, executive and judicial:
Seems every branch is cursed with asps.

Caligula would clap his hands
with glee at the success bought with a sense
of intense need and a proclamation of Divine Right.
And we blindly buy futures in a twisted version
of the dolce vita .

Brand new and as old as antiquity,
history is rewritten daily. The pendulum
swings, the trees bloom and man dreams.
Time cycles through good and evil, through
wealth and dearth, and through it all

there is the faith that sustains us
as Winter gives way to Spring.

2 thoughts on “Blooming Branches

  1. BoardFlak

    Asps in the branches, indeed! Maybe in the coming election some people will vote their asps out of their branches. We can only hope. I like the reference to Caligula; it is unfortunately all too apt.

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