On a Day Like Today

No page stays blank
when sunshine bursts through the window
like an exuberant child chasing a fly ball,
unaware there could be barriers of any sort.

The rays break in, ignoring window panes
that are less than glistening… a mundane
thing on a day when March skips straight
to spring and the whole world joins in

the celebration. It’s as if the robins knew
this would happen. Thirty seconds after
the sun’s great declamation, they came,
already in tune and singing

the grandest song.  On a day like today
there is no yesterday or tomorrow,
just the sun, the song and the majesty
of harmony.

2 thoughts on “On a Day Like Today

  1. BoardFlak

    For some reason, this poem reminded me of Emily Dickinson:

    TO make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,—
    One clover, and a bee,
    And revery.
    The revery alone will do
    If bees are few.

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