Saying Farewell

As of  June 27, Pitching Pennies will close its doors.

I will miss my blogging friends.  First of all I believe that the effort writers make
deserves more than a cursory glance at a cell phone.  Secondly I think the misuse
of iframes (Blocks) is despicable.  I have sense enough to understand it is profitable
and that is the bottom line.

Google accounts for over 5.7 billion searches conducted on the web daily.

The Google-recommended configuration for smartphone-optimized sites is responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design has an assortment of names.

Responsive design creates blocks.  There is a block for the title, a block for each paragraph, a block for the header, a block for the footer, etc.  “Pages that use frames (blocks) or iframes display several URLs (one for each frame) within a single page.”(this quote from

Excerpt from  Ars Technica

“Google has deprecated the desktop Web. It’s still here, but for Google it just got less important.

At least that’s the implicit message in Google’s mobile search update. The company is now judging how “mobile-friendly” a site is and is using that metric to weight search results served to mobile devices.

……”The mobile-friendly update will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages… in mobile search results worldwide. (Conversely, pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.)” In other words, sites that work on mobile will outrank sites that don’t when all other things are equal.

So what does a site need to do in order for Google to consider it “mobile-friendly”?

The company’s guidelines suggest that the site start by avoiding any content that requires Adobe’s Flash Player. That will probably sound obvious to most developers at this point, but don’t forget that old YouTube and other video embeds were probably done with <object> tags, which means Flash Player. Google suggests updating to the more modern iframe embed method that’s the default on most video hosting sites today.


Excerpt from OS Training:

“If you create an iframe, your site becomes vulnerable to cross-site attacks.

  • You may get a submittable malicious web form, phishing your users’ personal data.
  • A malicious user can run a plug-in.
  • A malicious user can change the source site URL.
  • A malicious user can hijack your users’ clicks.
  • A malicious user can hijack your users’ keystrokes.


There is so much information available about block design, iframes, reactive design (all basically the same)

Some of this information is 3 years old, some newer and it is available with a little digging.  It is much easier to find positive articles about reactive design because it is what Google wants. It was reactive design that wrecked my original site (after  13 years of energy and effort invested) so one would think I would be immune by now.  It is clear that most all servers are making the switch.

I have agonized for several years about responsive design.  I have quoted in this article only the quick -find provable, but there is so much more that only the techs for each server know.  That is because each server develops proprietary code.

Where will it end?

(There was more, but this is the gist, and it provides links if you care to learn more.)

For me it ends June 27th on this blog.  Other of my blogs have different expiration dates.  I will not be renewing them.  There is always a certain sadness to saying goodbye.  I confess to feeling it now.

Planting a Garden

by a blank page
staring dumbly at me.

Rigid, this entity
without a soul
until timidly, then boldly
I mark it with my pen.

Slowly It becomes more pliant,
It begins to bend. I show it things…

A bird on a limb,
A latticed rose climbing,
painting scarlet where drab had been.

Suddenly arable, the page becomes a garden. Each line
a row in bloom. The air wears the scent of roses.


Hints of summer warm the air,
Dreams whisper all is well,
Doubts whisper fears.
Will we ever be ourselves again?
Who were we then? Who are we now?

Have we lost that space where calm
prevails? Is it  foolishness or faith
to look for light when the sun is slipping
behind a cloud?  Despite the unknown
of tomorrow

Write your name with stardust. The night
is clear. Moonlight heals the darkness; we
are as resilient as Earth itself. This moment
is a miracle of wonder;  take time
to savor it.

Standing Strong

On the hillside an elm extends its limbs.
With room to grow, it could have reached
straight up to heaven.  Yet, its trunk is twisted
as if it changed direction, not once but again
and again.

What charted such erratic growth?
What caused its trunk to bend? The birds
don’t seem to mind; they bud the boughs
with song.  The woodpecker finds the trunk
just right for his home.

It seems a good strong wind would take it down.
But wait, it’s clear the elm has survived many
a ruthless storm. Its roots grow deep; they do not
grow in sand. The wind might shake its limbs
but it stands on a strong foundation.

A Filmmaker’s Journal

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

A huge congratultations, Mitch

Mitch Teemley

It’s Finally Here!

My multi-award-winning feature film Healing River (formerly titled Over-the-Rhine) is finally here! Healing River will premiere tomorrow, Friday, May 15, on Amazon Prime and other platforms!

I’ll post the new trailer and a direct link to the movie on Amazon tomorrow. (If you don’t have Prime you can still stream it or order the DVD.)

Here are some never-before-posted images from the movie.

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The Gardener

He trims the tangled bushes,
twists them, ties them,
talks quietly to them,
All the while savoring
the promise
of succulent purple fruit
to quench his thirst.

Supple branches
bow to his every whim,
Only a thorn portests
his manipulations,
A thick red drop of blood
crowns on his thumb;
He tastes the rich dark wine.

Must Be the Weather

A difficult season,
this one we’re living in.
Confusing, some say
as if an assertive attitude
will clear up any doubt you,
or they, had.

The government or something like it,
has even cancelled the poetry reading
in town. Makes sense I guess, though
I will confess, I had a vision
that somebody (Clooney or Bocelli,
I couldn’t tell…
the lighting was bad)

Stood in a standing room only crowd,
proud to have a spot at all
for my curtain call.  And my
how I did read. No over-emoting,
elegantly understated, every syllable
enunciated .. Oh gee,
it was swell.

And when I was done,
I saw him waiting in line
like a hungry waif, patiently
standing until  at last it was his turn
when timidly he asked me
to sign his mask.  I awoke then.
I wonder what I would have done.

It is a difficult season.