Night Rolls in like the Tide

Night rolls in like the tide.
Mist laden and certain
it reigns over the land.
Vagrant  moonbeams make surf
on fields freshly greened.

A distant whistle caught in the fog
swirls like old memories
of mornings spent in the rain.
Saturated, the lawn has grown wild
with tall grass

but that’s just the train whistle talking.
The crickets are singing.
I pull my sweater tighter around me
uncertain if I’m resisting a yearning
to fly or to swim in search of Atlantis.

8 thoughts on “Night Rolls in like the Tide

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Stunning, just stunning poem. So many evoking images and memorable lines. Superb writing, my dear friend.

    I will most certainly will add this poem to my guest corner shortly.

    As ever ❤️

  2. Francina,

    You are so good for my muse and for me.
    It makes my heart glad that you like my work.
    I am honored that you will use it!
    Many, many thanks!


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