Our Legacy

Not always monochrome,
this thing called life.  Yesterday,
the day so gray the mist almost
seeped into the brain.  Not quite
rain, but damp and chill.

Today the sun’s so bright…
as if it never will quit shining.
Involuntarily I am humming
a happy song.  The sharp edges
have rounded, blended.
The inconvenience

of confinement becomes another
thing… a gift of time to contemplate
being.  This situation not of our
choosing, but viewed in the right light
it can become a time

to clean the gathered cobwebs
from our minds…a time to realize
that life and breath
should not be wasted on ‘what if’ …
because every moment
becomes our legacy.

Any Minute Now

Any minute now the gray mist
will turn to rainbow. This season
of paradox will be drenched
in sun, and the birds outside
my window (which have never
ceased their singing)
will once again prove
that a song in the heart
truly is the best medicine.

Until that time (expected
any minute now) I will believe
in miracles. I will celebrate
the light that lives inside
and dance to the tune
of the drummer I hear.
Every season blooms
and passes.
What we nurture thrives.

Namibia ~ The Unchosen?

This is a repost to remind us that we, the spoiled and the blessed, have indeed been very
blessed and no doubt very spoiled. We have read of pestilence and death, of shortages
and isolation and probably at times have pushed it from our crowded minds. May God bless us all.

The soul of hunger
is a bare tree
beneath a burning sun.
O! God
of Earth and Heaven

bless this aching space.
Feed our little ones;
don’t let the desert
swallow them up.
Spare us the locust

and that awful virus.
If we cannot escape
the bees
may they bring honey
free from sting.

has brought us
to our knees,
Even as we pray for rain
we thank You for the sun.



The United States Agency for International Development, which has set aside $5 million for projects to fight what it believes could potentially be the worst plague of locusts in Africa in 60 years,

Published on 14 Mar 2006

The Namibian, confirmed that members of the community, who live in western Caprivi, had consumed contaminated rice collected from the floor of a food warehouse, said Gabriel Kangowa, deputy director of the Emergency Management Unit (EMU) who conducted the investigation, said the 1,600-member community had received food assistance earlier in the year and were told that the spoilt rice was meant for their chickens and pigs. “But people were hungry and the unemployment rate is very high in the area – they had no choice but to also eat this rice,” he told IRIN.


Two serious droughts have occurred in the past three years – drought this year reduced national crop yields to 46 percent below the sixteen-year average.


Poverty, unemployment and HIV /AIDS remain major factors behind hunger and undernourishment in Namibia.

May 10th, 2019

Namibia has been experiencing a persistently stubborn drought for the past six years, which has killed an unspecified number of livestock across the country, estimated to be worth millions of dollars. The Prime Minister told governors that it was clear that the “livelihoods of the majority of Namibians, especially those that depend on agricultural activities is threatened.”

The Good News Is:

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila  this week announced a N$573 million drought package aimed at helping farmers and families affected by the drought.

Those affected would receive food assistance; water tanks and livestock marketing incentives. Farmers will also be provided with transport subsidy to and from grazing areas, and transport for fodder to the drought affected farmers especially in communal areas.

“This is to be done immediately, so that such support reach our farmers,” she said.

She also announced that the Ministry of Defense will contribute trucks, three per region to be used in the distribution. “Given the extent of the drought, these interventions will require the support of all Namibians, and we must avoid delays and wastages in order to safeguard our people who are affected

 There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Seek and you shall find. Matthew 7:7

Who Is that Masked Man?

Gone, the squeal of doors
that hermetically seal our children,
sans seatbelts, into rows that overflow
beyond the cushioned seats
made softer to protect.

I miss the sights and sounds
of those pencil yellow buses,
absent now as if engaged
in perpetual

Teachers, students, and all
the stages in between are learning
an in depth meaning of furlough.
Suddenly we are aware of the slightest
sneeze, the merest twinge

that might propel us
into that hinterland of quarantine
where skin tone and language
merge into one,  and masks protect
both the guilty and the innocent.

Found Gold

While sorting through old papers, I found a poem written by Willowdown, a deceased poet from the family of poets at The Peaceful Pub (the peacefulpub.com). It struck a chord with me today so I thought I would share it. (Reprinted with prior permission)

A Beclouding of the Consciousness by Willowdown

Submissive to the pen
the poet scribbles little secrets,
mere snippets of the greater self
in the search for perfection,
inebriated by the effort,
giddy with the gift of life –
On his knees now
he studies the violet,
sees the shades and shapes,
the sensuous dewdrops,
the exuberant bloom of rainbows
on the petals.

At noon he weeps
as the violet withers beneath the boiling sun
– too wilted to hold its form,
his grief too great to go on.
In trembling trance
he thinks of death, others’,
his own, the violet’s,
and through the after hours of morning
he imprints the earth with despair.
Prostrate he sprawls in resignation,
failing every dream

And then the sun goes down.
The violet stretches its tiny limbs,
utters a sigh almost inaudible,
opens it mouth like a new kitten
and blooms
to its fullest height –
a jewel beheld by jewel’ed eye.
The poet rises
in amazement at his creation,
a genius now. If not a god,
then pretty close.


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On a Day Like Today

No page stays blank
when sunshine bursts through the window
like an exuberant child chasing a fly ball,
unaware there could be barriers of any sort.

The rays break in, ignoring window panes
that are less than glistening… a mundane
thing on a day when March skips straight
to spring and the whole world joins in

the celebration. It’s as if the robins knew
this would happen. Thirty seconds after
the sun’s great declamation, they came,
already in tune and singing

the grandest song.  On a day like today
there is no yesterday or tomorrow,
just the sun, the song and the majesty
of harmony.