To The Bard

Busiest of noble employments
Was without doubt that of your fruitful Muse;
Her value unmeasured in pounds or pence
Or other currency that most men use.

What common scale can measure gems so rare
As those that flow with grace of silken hems?
Those sonnets that you left for us to share
Like blood red buds upon a loden stem

That move our humble minds to greater heights
And lead our laden psyches to run free.
Your name will ever  edge the page with lights
we will forever seek your fluency.

If you, Great Bard, loved fully as you wrote
Then Anne most surely hummed a happy note.

An Ordinary Day in June

The jungle outside my window,
(three trees and a blackberry bush
with berries much smaller than my thumbs)
has quenched its thirst with a long drink
on a day of insistent rain, and now
it basks under the glow of a clear sky.

That vision of emerald gowns
and ruby gems moves in unison
as the trees nod and sway
and the berries plump contentedly.
When they think no one is looking
they dare to brush a branch-tip touch.

And I, in pretense of not noticing,
avert my eyes and tip my head
to catch the playful breeze,
to feel it flirting with my hair
as we — the trees, the berries and me —
celebrate the delights of this ordinary day.

How I’ll Cure the World

I will write the demons,
the silent screams and tears,
the groundless, and not so groundless, fears
accumulated like mismatched luggage.

No fancy suit bag here,
just battered baggage
scarred and damaged,

the ugly rumblings of griffins
and goblins, the predators
with twirled mustaches,
vile breathed and detached.

I will write the shadows
that smother the sun,
the smog and the pollution,
the pestilence of intimidation,
the bias of discrimination,

I will write the smack, the crack,
the booze, the pills, the pain,
the insane refrain that does not dwindle.

I will write it all
then crunch it up
into a vulgar ball
and burn it.


run through fire
without fear
of blisters
walk barefoot on gravel
forming calluses
or questioning
the wisdom
bathe in moonlight
without shyness
or shield
expect rejection
for surely
it will come
embrace it
and move on
only then
can one claim
the name

Namibia ~ The Unchosen?

The soul of hunger
is a bare tree
beneath a burning sun.
O! God
of Earth and Heaven

bless this aching space.
Feed our little ones;
don’t let the dessert
swallow them up.
Spare us the locust

and that awful virus.
If we cannot escape
the bees
may they bring honey
free from sting.

has brought us
to our knees,
Even as we pray for rain
we thank You for the sun.



The United States Agency for International Development, which has set aside $5 million for projects to fight what it believes could potentially be the worst plague of locusts in Africa in 60 years,

Published on 14 Mar 2006

The Namibian, confirmed that members of the community, who live in western Caprivi, had consumed contaminated rice collected from the floor of a food warehouse, said Gabriel Kangowa, deputy director of the Emergency Management Unit (EMU) who conducted the investigation, said the 1,600-member community had received food assistance earlier in the year and were told that the spoilt rice was meant for their chickens and pigs. “But people were hungry and the unemployment rate is very high in the area – they had no choice but to also eat this rice,” he told IRIN.


Two serious droughts have occurred in the past three years – drought this year reduced national crop yields to 46 percent below the sixteen-year average.


Poverty, unemployment and HIV /AIDS remain major factors behind hunger and undernourishment in Namibia.

May 10th, 2019

Namibia has been experiencing a persistently stubborn drought for the past six years, which has killed an unspecified number of livestock across the country, estimated to be worth millions of dollars. The Prime Minister told governors that it was clear that the “livelihoods of the majority of Namibians, especially those that depend on agricultural activities is threatened.”

The Good News Is:

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila  this week announced a N$573 million drought package aimed at helping farmers and families affected by the drought.

Those affected would receive food assistance; water tanks and livestock marketing incentives. Farmers will also be provided with transport subsidy to and from grazing areas, and transport for fodder to the drought affected farmers especially in communal areas.

“This is to be done immediately, so that such support reach our farmers,” she said.

She also announced that the Ministry of Defense will contribute trucks, three per region to be used in the distribution. “Given the extent of the drought, these interventions will require the support of all Namibians, and we must avoid delays and wastages in order to safeguard our people who are affected