The Grace of a Cat

This phenomenon beside me,
all paws and sheathed claws
and eyes that see beyond
where she has been in this lifetime
has graced me with her trust.

Even so, I know not to ask
questions, and yet, I am curious.
When the sun shines ( as it has not
for some time it seems) her fur
sparks with excitement

As if her energy source is solar,
as if she cares about the weather
and understands it better
than I ever can.  This center
of silk and hum

Is curious but she exists
without questions.  When it rains,
she maintains the same indecipherable
posture and I realize that it is not she
who craves the sun

But me.  She really does not care
about the weather.  She sees beyond
both clouds and sun. Some call her Enigma,
this cat who shuns puzzles.  Yet, we coexist
without questions. She has taught me to trust.