When the Birds Are Singing

I don’t want to live this day
as if it were my last, to spend
these minutes trying to make perfect
this life that’s not quite.

And if I did, what would I do?
Get my hair done, buy a new suit?
Maybe cancel  appointments
scheduled for next week?

Would I eat bacon with no fear
of reprisal, then follow the salt
with a sweet,  daring the devil
to show?

Posh and bother! What do I know
about how I would be? I choose to live
this day splendidly, a milestone
on the way to eternity,

unique in the joy of the sun rising
to morning’s bird song symphony,
blessed to be knowing
the One who wrote the tune…

one that  I’ll hear again
and it will still be new.  Aware
there is so much yet to be known
and satisfied

that time has no hold.