Black Friday

Supplicants all to material things;
foolishly,  we’re just chasing the wind,
looking beyond for what lies within.

Plastic icons will never be real.
We spend so many minutes
looking for a better deal.

The hand that we’ve drawn
has few aces or kings,
still, we are hoping to score

a Baby Cubby or a Hatchable Wow.
We got here way early
but we missed them somehow.

The bargains are flying
straight out of the door. Empty handed
we were hoping for more.

The dealer kept the aces
close to his sleeve.  No promises made,
still, we shop and we grieve.

Finally back home, with all smiles
upside down, feeling  surly and mean,
we say it’s for sure we won’t do this again.

Who are we kidding?
We know that we will, it is a tradition
and we’re honing our skills.