Bella’s Reflections


A mouse a day would drive me away,
unless, of course,  it is stuffed
with catnip and fluff.

My paws are much too manicured,
my flowing hair too bright,
my countenance too fair

to mar this feline fineness
with such barbaric play.
A good day for me

is spent in quiet luxury
with Slave at my beck and call,
“Time for a comb, Miss”

and she is there, smiling affably
or she will hear my discontented
meow, and possibly feel

just the tip of a tiny claw,
though I am careful
not to push my luck too far.

Good help
is hard to come by.

Goldfish and Sinusitis

Belly up
is not how it’s supposed to look,
is it?  Eyes glazed, sightless…
What will I tell her?

That nothing is permanent,
that life brings disappointments
even when a goldfish
is the object of affection?

Sparkles has lost his sheen.
Already those opalescent scales
have dulled pale and pasty;
even the special light bulb

cannot make it right.
I will not tell her, not yet.
Instead I make the rounds…
19 pet stores in a 30 mile radius;

surely one will have a double.
Yes!  Sparkles  lives  again.
After all, it is Spring,
a time for miracles
and sinusitis.

A New WordPress Blog


The Peaceful Pub came into existence in 2004.  It began with five members and by the end of the year we counted our blessings for the twenty additional poets and writers who had joined together at the Pub’s fireside. We celebrated every new member and every new post.  It was a great source of joy, camaraderie and some pretty awesome poetry and prose.  In May of 2005, there was a ‘great disaster’ and suddenly all of our efforts were wiped out by a ‘massive server hack’.

Pubsters are a hardy bunch and the group became a family. They/we did not quit. In fact,
The Pub flourished in spite of the ever-changing platform. As years accumulated so did our membership.  It sky rocketed; 2007-2011was our heyday. Even when Facebook began the death knell for forums, we maintained almost a thousand members, until this, our thirteenth year, when the decision was made that enough is enough.

Don’t forget, Pubsters are a family and they are not quitters. The result is a new blog.  It is a multi-faceted blog authored by a group of loyal and talented Pubsters.  I hope you will stop by to imbibe of the literary libations and to offer your support.

The Peaceful Pub




Long hair
that’s slow to grow
but thick with plenty
for shedding

Front paws
Don’t blame me
my furniture
is not that important

They left your back claws
sharp and strong
but sheathed
in this shared home

Though alley born
Your Majesty
is clearly high classed
pedigree. Your coat
as soft as any sable

Your purr alluring
Your taste champagne
Lady of distinction
You’ve earned your name.