Peaceful Assurance








A lake of jade
reflects the flowers and trees
as if they are all we need to know
on this earth.

I think of Thoreau
and wonder
if there were wild azaleas
at Walden.

A bull frog
calls his courting cry,
and then a splash.
I can only guess at his success.

In a green so fierce it takes your breath,
I have put my voice aside,
Even my footsteps
are a desecration.

Wanna Buy Some Fleas?

At the drive-in where windows fogged
with lack of interest in the movie,
where speakers on poles stood like soldiers,
even when the show was closed, they have opened
up one of those markets that feeds upon itself.

Started out with a few tables of used clothes
and some rusted tools, maybe a few bootlegged CDs,
There was something intimate in the climate
as if each vendor had opened up their closet
and let all the skeletons out.

Capitalism brings the cream to the top
and fosters a taste for heights.
The tables now lack memory: Plastic swizzle sticks
and frames that have never held a picture,
prepackaged memorabilia, even the baseball cards are fake.

The movie screen is gone, deemed a hazard
in high wind. The speakers, pilfered by kids
long past their prime, show up in markets
from sea to shining sea on tables that expose
the fleas.

Considering Superiority

trickles across field
and lawn
trees nod their heads
as branch tips touch
in harmony

flicker code
but to each other
I think they giggle
as they gather

why wouldn’t they?
the breeze
is light and warm
and they are free
to do what fireflies do
to be

and we who walk upright
and work with tools
spin our dreams
in the dying light of day
that we
might live so peacefully

The Defeat of Darkness

Lose that frown
you who would despair;
grass greens

through time’s spilled sand.
Darkness lost a duel
with the moon.

shoveled shrieking into the rain,
stars twinkle and shine.

Fog’s gauze
gobbled the shadows,
left with them.

Oh, glorious morning
the dew has dried,
the mist has lifted.

Say farewell
to that dark and mournful cloud;
the long night is done.

Take notice…
the sun is shining.
It is a new day.

The Isthmus of Trust

Somewhere between fact and truth
it started to rain,  There are no words
for such grief.

Chewed up and mulled over
some dreams become nightmares,
some nightmares become dreams.

Again and again in the blink of an eye
words blur beyond recognition.
We speak without sound

in sentences laden with structure.
Thank God for conjunctions.

The Alchemy of Summer Sun

In childlike wonder we walk among the flowers
unaware that meager as we are, we’re a part
of this endless splendor.  Each of us unique,
essential to the puzzle that becomes a picture
of a connected universe.

The sun performs its special alchemy
in partnership with rain.  Although the storm
might rage and rage again before the dawn,
we sleep soundly through the dark of night
as innocently as a cradled babe.

Guileless and at peace we take our rest
blessed by the calm that gathers ‘round us.
Come the break of dawn the grace is given
in soothing song of rejuvenation
to face each day as a new beginning,

We  keep the lessons and cast away the pain
of yesterday, thankful for the gifts of sun and rain.