The Ides of March

“Who dare say that Sun is false?”
Virgil (in his account of Caesar’s death)

Such days as this will live in infamy;
no praise nor blame will make it go away.
A tension built beyond one man’s control;
good intentions paved the way to Hell.

Too filled with self
to note the sapling in the wind;
how its spine bent then straightened.

Foolish men,
that which does not bend
will break.

Antony, Caesar was your friend;
with fingers crossed behind your back
you said Brutus was an honorable one.
Call it history or fallacy,

we keep proving this is true:
the evils that men do exceed the grave.

On March 15, 44BC, Julius Caesar was assassinated by ‘The Liberators’,
a group led by Brutus and his brother-in-law, Cassius Longinus.  Instead
of bringing the freedoms they had hoped for, the assassination led to
years of civil war and the fall of the Republic.