Landscape from Carmina Burana

A warm day on the savannah,
After a long winter, we celebrate
with songs from Carmina Burana,

Even the trees
wear hearts on their sleeves today,
the first day after the storm.

All the world is a magical world
of rainbows
and unicorns,

as we traipse through this landscape
that celebrates Spring
and all new beginnings.

Bird of Passage

hearts of  glass
etched deep by winter’s icy fingers
……………deny an urge to wander
freight trains
lure with their lonesome song
the whistle whispers,
………………..“Come on, Come on”
March wind joins in
with its own seduction
………………….calling all to follow
it’s hardly spring
months before the wild goose flies
……….yet, autumn is in your eyes

What Next, March?

The breath of April
warmed February days
so I cleaned the closets,
put winter clothes away
and brought out Spring;
light cottons sprigged with buds
that soon would bloom.
Oh, how the gods
rubbed their hands with glee,
and this morning,
quite unceremoniously,
I sneezed,
even before I saw the snow.

Almost Thirteen

In a meadow
rich with Spring’s first grass unclipped,
she pulls the cape around her closer
as March with fingers long and thin
would claim it.

Golden hair and dress aswirl;
a sprite caught in the breath
of a storm approaching.
A tinge of blush and sweet smile’s grace,
her face a study of innocence.

She plucks a daffodil
tucks it behind her ear, a child
of the moor’s wild freedom
racing the storm clouds

After a Quick Glance Overlooked the ‘th’

O, Tolkien, did you think
  of middle ear and all that happens
there?  The trysts between the malleus,
incus, stapes and the brain, the ring –
You know the one that drives a man
insane,  a trilogy of senses intertwined.

What do you know 
   of the Eustachian tube?
Will you map it for us with your worthy pen?
Perhaps invoke a tuning fork
so we will better understand why in February
when snow is on the ground, we hear a robin sing
and join hearts and hands to welcome Spring.